¡Tamales! (2010) Original Production - BamBro Theatre, Chicago, 2010

  • 3 friends search for some late night snacks in this epic love letter to the films of Robert Rodriguez and Dos XX.


Those Dumb Bitches (2010) Original Production - Abbie Hoffman Festival, Chicago, 2010

  • A modern adaptation of Molière’s The Pretentious Young Ladies, paying tribute to 90s Rom-Com literary adaptations like Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You.  Commissioned by Chicago Fusion Theatre.


Blown Up (2009) Original Production - Dramatis Personae, Chicago, 2009

A couple faces a crisis when a blow up sex doll rears its ugly head in their apartment.


Final Revisions (2009) Original Production - Blowout Theatre, Manhattan, 2011

  • A distraught man visits his scholarly for some help editing his suicide note.


Drifting (2009) Original Production - UNPRODUCED

  • A shipwrecked couple marooned atop their sunken vessel contemplate their rescue odds, and make friends with a shark!


The Missed Connection (2009) Original Production - Dramatis Personae, Chicago, 2009

  • A savvy detective investigates a Craigslist post he believes might lead him to Miss Right, or at least Miss Right Now.


Wrap It Up (2008) Original Production - Dramatis Personae, Chicago, 2008

  • A Mummy has a hard time preparing for an intimate moment with his date.


Tight and Baggy (2008) Original Production - Dramatis Personae, Chicago, 2008

  • A blind date goes horribly wrong.


Benny’s True Cuts (2008) Original Production - Dramatis Personae, Chicago, 2008

  • A barber faces a difficult challenge with his very first customer.


Zip (2008) Original Production - Dramatis Personae, Chicago, 2008

  • A homeless man riding the train pleads his case for the passengers charity.


Regret (2007) Original Production - UNPRODUCED

  • A criminal accusation creates a community-wide controversy, exploring the fine line between date rape and regretted sex on a college campus.


Snakes on a Plane: The Motherfucking Musical (2007) w/ Mike Johnson - Original Production- W&M Theatre, 2007

  • A 10 minute musical adaptation of the cult film Snakes on a Plane


The Judges (2006) Original Production- W&M Theatre, 2006

  • A community theatre one act competition leads to some interesting results for the winners.

Gorgeous Indifference (2006) Original Production- W&M Theatre, 2006

  • In 80s Las Vegas, a pair of swingers may or may not have spotted Dean Martin eating breakfast at a diner.

Board Stiff (2005) Student Film - Directed with Nate Loehrke, 2005

  • A boardwalk caricature artists is blinded by a gorgeous customer he can find no flaw in, leading to struggles in both romance and his career.

Quit Stalling (2003) Original Production - Virginia Theatre Association, 2003 (Best Actor Winner)

  • A brilliant slacker dispenses advice to his lovelorn best friend in a high school boys' bathroom  

     (I wrote, directed, and starred in this at 17 years old.  And yes, I feel like Max Fischer in Rushmore whenever I mention that.)


All works are available to read upon request.
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